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Learning Diversity 

At Holy Cross, we are an inclusive learning community. We value each individual family and their children, by ensuring we differentiate the curriculum and provide reasonable adjustments to cater for the diverse range of needs in each classroom.  

Our Co Educators are valued members of Holy Cross and are present across the school in each classroom. They are involved in supporting children throughout the day, as well as taking small focus groups or individuals to help support them with their learning goals. 

Student data is used to inform our intervention and support programs throughout the school. These are re-evaluated regularly to ensure the most effective program is in place for each child. 

Program Support Group meetings are held regularly with the Learning Diversity Leader and the classroom teacher to ensure adjustments are communicated clearly and any concerns are addressed in a timely manner. 

Please follow this link to the Parent Guide to Program Support Groups 

We also work in collaboration with MACS Learning and Behaviour Consultants, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists if further specialist support is required. 

Our support and funding model is in line with the NCCD (Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability) and staff receive regular professional development in a variety of areas including Neurodiversity and Specific Learning Difficulties.