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Family Connections

There are many ways parents can get involved in our school community. We welcome family participation in a variety of community events throughout the year. Please note that all parents who volunteer to help in classrooms and on excursions need to have a Working With Children Check.



At Holy Cross we warmly welcome parents to volunteer in the following ways:

Reading Support - Taking small reading groups during classtimes where children can read out aloud to you.

Excursions - We always need parent helpers to join us on our excursions.  

Sporting Events - Helping out at whole school sporting events like cross country, athletics, swimming etc.

Maintenance Committee - We warmly welcome families to our working bees. We tackle small projects around the property to keep our environment looking beautiful and engaging for children, staff and families. 


The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) 

At Holy Cross Primary School, we cherish the bonds that unite us as a community. The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) stands as a beacon of connection, welcoming parents, family members, caregivers, and friends into a vibrant network of support and encouragement for our students, teachers and support staff. 

The PFA is guided by several aims: 

  • Cultivate community interest in Holy Cross Primary School. 
  • Provide or facilitate resources and services for the benefit of our students. 
  • Collaborate closely with the principal or designated representatives, aiding to advance the interests of Holy Cross and its students. 
  • Foster strong cooperation among parents, caregivers and the wider Catholic community. 
  • Embrace the spirit of inclusivity and unity. 

Our efforts extend beyond administrative duties. The PFA orchestrates an array of engaging social and fundraising events, including: 

  • Support for Prep & New Families 
  • Welcome BBQs held in Term 1 and festive Christmas Break-ups in Term 4. Heart-warming Mother's Day and Father's Day stalls. 
  • Traditional Easter Raffle, a cherished annual tradition 
  • Various fundraising endeavours 
  • Social gatherings, featuring lively activities like Student Discos and Trivia Nights, among others as agreed upon by our dedicated committee. 

Our monthly meetings serve as lively forums for exchange, information sharing, and camaraderie. These gatherings are characterised by their warmth, informality, and a shared dedication to our school community, typically lasting around an hour. 

Curious about becoming a valued member of the PFA? Reach out to us at to learn more about how you can join our family and make a meaningful difference at Holy Cross.

Please follow our Facebook page:

Holy Cross PS - Family Connection Group (New Gisborne)